なんだか ややこしい

賞味期限 ・ 消費期限てなんだか ややこしい
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「昨日まで食べられたものは、今日も食べられるのだ」 と思う私は責任を持っていただきますナイショ

theme : 食べ物
genre : ライフ

Treasure. Discovery. diary.

For example, to the thing which I am common to many people, and is considered to be treasure, there is a jewel, and in other words a stone of the treasure is beautiful like a letter, but this is the valuable stone which I rarely produce. In addition, I write it as precious metal, and there is a thing called the noble metal, but while it is said that the brightness is beautiful, the production is limited to this and it is useful like a jewel.
Seemingly a superior industrial art object, a beautiful work of art of the art are common things and are seen to the junk so that there is not a similar thing in money and goods and the world to other treasure, but there is the thing (a teacup of Kokuryo looking like only just a bowl other than the person whom, for example, know a lot about the way of the tea, three kinds of sacred treasures of the Japanese Imperial Family) which the particularly important history and history cling to.
It is a very subjective concept, and I am big by a person or a human being group what you assume "treasure", and the treasure is different. I am various from the personal moral and material important things such as life and experience, the unpleasant friendship tend to be called "treasure", and doing it with the form to a thing without the form.

When I discover it, the human being understands "why" and that any a kind of feeling to be heated to be heated is born "why". It is slightly different by the object what you sentence him to discovery with. If it is things, the problem is comparatively simple, and it is discovery till then to find the thing which there was not of what anyone watched. For example, the discovery of the Pluto is this. A lot of this||these examples may say to the remains that these are subjective judgment of the Europe civilization. But it is not this limit about the remains which were forgotten in a too old thing and the area.
Rediscovery is to begin to check the side that I did not notice conventionally of a matter known from the cause whereas discovery is to find out new things, and it is a meaning different. There is the example called "which discovered the" merely same thing for an exception some other time. It is Mendel's laws to be representative.

With the diary (Saigon cinnamon), I recorded a daily event to paper continually to some extent. From a thing treated as a simple record to a thing treated as literature, as for the contents, I am various. I am various, from a thing for a long term written down for the life of a certain person to a short-term thing written down only during the trip that there is, the duties that there is, the case that there is, there is the quantity worldwide regardless of the West / the Orient for a period.

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